Few Will Hunt



As children, we were endlessly curious…

We couldn’t ask enough questions as we explored.

But that peaked at 5 years old, sadly.

As we got older, we started to think that we had it figured out, we knew enough, or, worse, we knew it all.

We began to focus on execution over exploration.

Why ask questions? There’s just too much to do and that’ll slow us down. We know exactly what we’re doing. Right?


When done intelligently, allowing exploration to spur your execution — even for just a few minutes — is invaluable.

Explore the solution. Is there a better way?

Explore the room. Is there someone in it to learn from?

Explore the timing. Why does this take so long?

Explore yourself. Why am I doing this?

Let curiosity be at your core.

Wander through the possibilities.

Write it all on the board.

Want to wonder.

Curiosity will unlock awareness, opportunity, and innovation in your life and your life’s work, whatever it may be.

Just one rule of thumb: Ask questions of others only after you’ve asked them of yourself. 🦅

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